Hello!  I’m Jennifer Lee!  Along with my boyfriend Luke, cat Arbutus, and dog Potato we live one of the most expensive cities in the world, Vancouver.  I always thought I would own a house one day, but now that I’m 30 and an actual “house” in Vancouver is a MILLION DOLLARS, (you would like to think that’s a mansion, but its actually this unromantic thing people call a “teardown” and is sold for the lot its on) I’m starting to see it isn’t going to unfold how I had imagined.

I started to feel really down!  We have been saving up, and in Canada we have a thing where you can buy a house with 5% down, but putting less down on a million dollar home isn’t the solution! A lot of people buy an apartment, fix it up and flip it, then repeat this 5 times until they can buy a house, and we considered it.  But looking around our spacious affordable and private rental townhouse, we realized it had a lot of potential and we could continue saving.  We are better off rent! (dot com!)

For so many reasons you may find yourself in a rental situation, from renting before you find your dream home to renting while you save up to start looking for one.  Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t stop you from turning your rental house into the personalized and custom home you daydream about.  It’s been a journey for me to feel motivated and inspired to put some time and effort (and some cash) into my rental house, and I’m ready to get started!