Appliance upgrade!

We were very surprised to have the landlord swing by to proudly announce the stove he ordered was ready to be installed in our unit! We have the smaller 24″ size (which sucks), and the landlord had told us he orders them in bulk and they would come from Toronto. This was a few months ago and I had pretty much forgotten, and as the weather has improved I’ve relied less on the oven and have been using the toaster oven. The original stove was in fact original, from 1978 when our complex was built!

I didn’t even have time to mop under the stove, but gave it a quick sweep. Tonight will be the first official dinner cooked up on the stove, but we tested the oven making a pineapple upside down cake with fantastic success!


We now officially have replaced all landlord supplied appliances, starting with the new hot water tank, the refrigerator and now the oven! We also have our own washer and dryer and have also bought a dishwasher on wheels. The landlord seems hesitant to renovate the kitchen (but it would be done if we moved out) but for now I am satisfied with an even cooking, all burner working cooktop, and an oven with working insulation!


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