Color Snap – Fabric for the Kitchen


I have this wild fabric I found in the Ikea discount bin for $3.  It was sewn as a weird double sided panel with rod pockets on either side.  It turns out to be huge!  Probably 20 feet long, and once I opened up the panel, its about 10 feet wide.  Maybe it was their sample from the wall in the fabric section?  Either way I’m pretty flush in this fabric.  I wanted to paint the town with it, and had grand plans of redoing the kitchen chair seats, making a curtain for the kitchen window, and maybe even a curtain for the sink.  But then something dawned on me that maybe that was overkill.  I’ve been researching wallpaper I might be able to take down, and found all the paint stores have great apps to convince me to buy all my paints from them.  This is the Sherwin-Williams app, ColorSnap.  I took a picture of the fabric and it quickly gave me some good ideas other than using the same fabric everywhere!  I really like the coral colour “daring”, maybe that would work for recovering the chairs, as the large flower pattern might be lost on the seats.

The app automatically chooses colours but you are free to move them around yourself.  Ive included the auto pick, as well as two other ones I made up.  It’s amazing the colours that you can find in the fabric!

bright auto gems



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