Micro Apartments in Seattle

Most new build apartments seem to be around 600 square feet, which seems pretty small to me.  I’m not a big fan of the eat in breakfast bar that qualifies for eating space, and there literally is nowhere for a computer desk. For the same price you could get a slightly older 800 square foot apartment and pay for the renos to update it out of the 80s.  That all said, I’m sure our house is closer to 1000, if not more, and it would be hard to imagine living in 600, let alone the 200 square feet of the new micro apartments Seattle will have soon



In the pictures one thing that really gets me is how cluttered they look.  Unless you live like a monk, I would struggle to keep the place tidy, even books and and a mug out on the desk are apparently messy.  The Seattle units wont have kitchens either, so anyone with a cooking interest to would hardly consider them.  But if you needed a place to literally hang a few hats, and lay your head down at night, it might be worth considering.

The article had some nicer looking 295 square foot units from LA that looked a bit more thoughtful and stylish, and included a kitchen (who thought that would be a requirement in searching for a place!) and even a higher end euro wash/dry unit.  The built in cabinetry in the kitchen would store more than kitchen needs.  The Murphy bed really helps keep the place looking presentable, plus no breakfast bar!


LA1 la3 LA4

This one I feel like I could actually live in, it reminded me a lot of the hotel, One King West, I stayed at while in Toronto for work (but it turns out that was about 425 square feet!)


suites-superior-02 suites-superior-fp03

The bathroom was SPA like, I had a window and a view (hilariously of work’s office!) and a huge walk in shower.  I could have used a little sofa but overall it really felt like a home away from home for the week.  I think for the right person this could be something to consider, and the money you save on the cost of the place hopefully would allow for the higher end finishes found in the LA units.  Can we get any smaller than 200 square feet though?  I think we may have the limit of the micro apartment!


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