Rental Pros and Cons List

Sometimes I look at my home and feel disheartened.  It isn’t anything like the house I grew up in and I think my expectations stop me from enjoying my reality,  our place has potential and some good qualities, and some negative qualities we can improve.  And in the end, the house is safe, warm and dry, a lot of the world wants for that!

My pros and cons list so far:

big house (two bedrooms, room for kitchen table, laundry room and closets)
big fenced back yard
privacy from neighbors
good natural light
Landlords that help when needed, but don’t hover
Affordable rent in an unaffordable town
our pets are allowed (dog and cat)
Close to transit

Really dated kitchen and bathroom
Small kitchen in general, no pantry really
Only one bathroom (would really like a half bath downstairs)Single pane windows are mega cold in the winter
No baseboards (literally what the heck)
Dated light fixtures and vertical blinds
Swampy backyard gets wet and flooded
Sometimes ants in the house in the summer

I think I can work on some of the cons, the window coverings are bad and I could remove them and put in new ones, and even get some that can help keep the house warmer in the winter.  Better organization of the kitchen and the laundry room will really help with the space.  I can deal with the con list!

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