Yard work – flooding yard

Our yard has always been very swampy, often making it impossible to walk though, let alone use! We have tried to keep up on seeding areas we damage but after our spring clean up there was more mud than turf. I’ve looked for a seed for wet areas but it seems most people have the opposite problem, dry parched lawns. We finally have decided it’s a water control issue, our downspouts come from our two roofs as well as a neighbor roof.


We bought a rain barrel from amazon.ca rather than the one from the city. It cost a bit more but had more features and looked pretty sharp. This model holds 55 gallons and has your choice of overflow sides. After installing we sat outside until about 7pm and then went in for the night. At some point it started to rain and by 11pm it was overflowing. I couldn’t believe how quickly it was full. Luke had yet to correctly install the run off tube so he had to run out in the rain to at least put the tube down the “drain”. He plans to run it over the fence to actually remove it from the yard. So far for hand watering we have been enjoying the rain barrel but I don’t think I can use the water as fast as nature hands it out.


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